Dog bounty hunter

It is almost unthinkable to consider what would happen if your dog went missing. The pain is immense. One York, Pennsylvania man is making it his mission to erase the pain and reunite families and their dogs.

A superhero

Ryan Bulson spends his nights and weekends helping people find their missing dogs. No, it’s not his job. He helps others out of the kindness of his heart. He told WQAD-TV:

“The feeling you get when you return that dog to that owner. Or you call that owner and say, ‘I have your dog.’ It’s a feeling you’ll never forget.”

Eleven years ago Bulson volunteered with a German Shepard rescue group. When he heard one of the adopted pups went missing, he wanted to help. Bulson successfully found the pup and a new passion was born.

Three years after that initial rescue, Bulson went off on his own. His mission: to reunite pups and families. For free. Yes, you read that right. There is no cost for Bulson’s services. He said, “I want people to know that there [are] people out there that they can turn to that will help.”

His mission

It takes a lot of effort to become a successful dog “bounty hunter”. Note: Bulson has been nicknamed a dog bounty hunter, but, of course, he does not ask for anything in return for her services. The nickname refers to Bulson’s superior tracking skills.

Bulson worked with professional dog trainers to learn how different breeds and personalities think and act. He knows to pay close attention to dogs’ body language in photos and videos for clues as to how they might act on their own. Bulson regularly refines his methods. Every rescue is different, customized to the dog who is missing.

Here is one remarkable tale of rescue. Beth and Orlando Ibanez lost their pug, Mia. Bulson studied her behaviors and patterns caught on video. Then he made an educated guess as to where Mia would reappear. Bulson was right. He caught her in ten days by using a remote-close “dog-pen trap”.

Bulson frequently finds dogs quickly. However, one German Shepherd took six months to locate. He typically relies on cameras to track a missing dog, but this pup managed to evade them. So, Bulson started spreading the word. Eventually, a woman mentioned spotting the pup. When Bulson returned her to her mother, the woman was elated.

“She literally hit the ground. Literally fell to the ground in tears. That’s a feeling that you’ll never experience again.”

We are astounded by Bulson’s compassion. He is truly a hero! Learn about this phenomenal, generous man in the video below.

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