A family, upon bringing a puppy into their home, failed to provide the ongoing care and attention necessary for his well-being. As time passed, this neglect extended to even the most basic aspects of his care, including the monitoring of his growth and the appropriateness of his collar. Initially fitted with a collar during his puppyhood, the dog grew, but the collar did not grow with him. This oversight led to a dire situation where the collar, meant to be a simple tool for identification and safety, became a harmful restraint. It began to cut into his skin, causing him distress and pain.

This situation highlights the critical importance of regular, attentive care for pets, including the seemingly small details that can significantly impact their health and happiness. The dog, once a small puppy with needs that were easily met, grew into an adult whose basic necessities were overlooked, resulting in an avoidable and painful predicament.

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Fortunately, the dog’s plight did not go unnoticed indefinitely. Compassionate individuals discovered him in his time of need, just when the situation seemed most dire. These rescuers were confronted with a heartbreaking scene: the dog, in visible agony, suffering due to the deeply embedded collar that had been neglected for far too long. They were astounded by the apparent indifference of the owners, who seemed to have completely disregarded the welfare of their pet. It was incomprehensible to the rescuers that the owners had not once checked on their dog’s well-being, especially as the signs of distress and discomfort would have been evident with even the most cursory of glances.

This timely intervention by the rescuers marked a turning point in the dog’s life, offering him a chance at relief from his pain and the possibility of a future where his needs would be attentively met.

“This is a puppy collar. There’s no way you put a collar this size on a dog this size,” the one said.


Image/Story Source Credit: TheDodo via Facebook Video


Vets treated the wound on his neck for 4 weeks until he was ready for surgery. The wound closed up for good, and the dog got all of his energy back! He’s now making up for lost time, and he’ll never be neglected again.

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