A dog named Pony, a beloved family member, and companion wasn’t just a playful sidekick; his energy was out of this world! His parents relished in his happiness, watching him take flight around the living room and hallway. His crazy but cute zoomies made their heart soar, knowing that their pup felt so much joy and couldn’t wait to celebrate by running at top speed. However, his energetic spirit made his mom a bit nervous. She wanted to have a baby and was unsure whether Pony could handle it.


Once his mom became pregnant, Pony’s demeanor changed. The dog could sense that something was brewing and that his mom needed him to settle down. Pony didn’t just learn self-control; he began clinging to his mom, laying on her belly as if he had to protect her with his life. The sweet bond was captured on film, and the photo below will warm even the coldest hearts.


Soon, Pony’s baby brother, Amlan, arrived and the pup instinctively knew what to do. He calmly sniffed the newborn and gave him kisses. He stayed nearby as Amlan learned to sit up and interact with both the dog and his parents. In the video below, Pony adorably checks on the baby in the stroller, and with mom’s permission, he goes ‘zoomie-wild,’ celebrating his love for his human brother.


Amlan became attached as well. He followed Pony everywhere and Pony learned how to bond with his brother in a very special way. They developed their own secret language and Pony taught Amlan how to do the zoomies. Their interactions and developing relationship are too sweet and heartwarming to miss! Check out the full story in the video below. Prepare to smile, giggle, and “Awwww!”

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