We hear these fun stories very often!! Most of the calls we receive is for dogs needed obedience training, aggressive behavior modification, and personal protection. However, we also get calls about some strange behaviors such as “my dog won’t walk on shiny floors!”

This is true! Some dogs have particular issues such as this one. Think this can’t be fixed? Of course it can! We help rehabilitate dogs with special issues all the time! We have traveled all the way to Chicago to help a dog walk across a floor that was just too shiny for him. These things happen all the time and yes, there is help for it!

Sometimes these behaviors are cute and funny in the beginning, then they eventually get old as you realize life is just not normal. Don’t let this frustrate you. Here at K-9 Specialist we take care of these special fur babies with patience and understanding, and eventually rehabilitate their minds to overcome these issues. No matter if the problem is big or small, we are here to help you and your pooch through it.

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