It’s no secret that dogs are curious animals. This was especially true for an adventurous pup in Greenwood, South Carolina. While this dog was chasing animals in the woods, he accidentally got himself in a tricky situation. He fell into the Vulcan Materials rock quarry, landing on a ledge about 60 feet below. He was still alive and healthy after he landed, but he had no way to escape! Luckily, help was on the way.

Greenwood City Fire Rescue and Greenwood County Fire Rescue had to work together for this unusual mission. They were shocked that the dog survived such a large drop, but they were also relieved. They knew they had to help him no matter how dangerous it was.

The dog’s family hadn’t known where their pup had run off to, but thanks to his GPS collar, they were able to track him down. The poor pup was stuck there for a total of 15 to 18 hours before he was finally brought to safety.

Image: @GWDSCFire/Facebook

The Rescue Mission

Bringing the dog to safety was a risky task. Lieutenant Chris James with the fire department was lowered into the quarry, putting his life on the line. James trusted everyone involved, so he felt safe as he was lowered to the ledge. Plus, the dog was overjoyed to see him.

“He came walking up to me. He was very friendly,” said James. “I guess he was glad I was there.”

From there, James was lowered an additional 150 feet with the dog. At that point, they stopped on a much larger ledge, where a truck with a 107-foot ladder was waiting below. James was able to get himself and the dog safely to the bottom of the quarry thanks to the ladder and all the other rescuers involved.

Image: @GWDSCFire/Facebook

The dog appeared to be in good shape despite the scary situation he went through. The rescue team fell in love with him throughout the experience, and they wished they could keep him! They even said that they would give him the name “Rocky” because of this crazy adventure.

However, the dog already had a family that was desperately waiting for him to be saved. They were overjoyed when they saw that their furry friend was rescued. They brought him to the vet right after to make sure he had no serious injuries.

Even though this was a risky situation, the team knew that they couldn’t leave a dog behind. Luckily, everyone was safe and no one got hurt in this incredible rescue mission. Dogs are a part of our families, so it’s important that they never get left behind!

Image: @GWDSCFire/Facebook

Featured Image: @GWDSCFire/Facebook

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