Most of us dog owners have faced this problem at one point or another, whether it was within our own homes or homes of our friends and family. Claiming your space is important!

Being rushed by a dog, big or small, when putting one foot through the door is usually always a bad experience. Nothing like being taken down by a big dog or your legs all scraped up from little dogs nails when you least expect it, huh?
The problem here is not the dog, it’s the fact that the dog was not trained properly on how to meet and greet guests, as well as not trained to properly sit and be patient for your guests to safely enter your home. Ever wish you could keep your dog from pouncing on your un-expecting company? We can help you accomplish that!
We train you and your dog how to respect and claim the space near your door, which will also work for claiming other spaces through out your home with one simple command, stay. Here at K-9 Specialist LLC, we take the command “stay” seriously. It can not only help you with areas in your home, but could also save your dogs life some day. We all have heard the awful stories of a dog running out into the road chasing after something and being hit by a car, when if trained properly to stay in its place, he would have never taken off in the first place.
We pride ourselves in developing a strong sense of respect between dog and owner, where the owner feels confident and the dog enjoys its task. We can help turn your unruly animal into a well behaved dog, and your guests will love you for it!
Please feel free to contact us directly at 616-212-3054 to set up your personalized training program and answer any additional questions you may have.

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