In the middle of a busy street in Toronto, Canada, there was a tiny puppy all alone. People went by him without even acknowledging his presence. Strays are a common sight in this region of the world and to those who were passing by, he was just another one among many.

But we know that isn’t true. We understand that each life is precious! We realize that each life is worth preserving.


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He was in so much pain. Because of the number of fleas on his body, it was beginning to give out. Anemia was caused by each flea that drank his blood. This baby required assistance, and he needed it right away! He curled up into a ball and broke down in tears as his tiny heart shattered. He believed himself to be worthless, but that would soon change.



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A lady who works for a local rescue came upon the puppy and rushed over. She picked him up, noting that he had thousands of fleas. He also had Demodex mange, which necessitated immediate treatment by the veterinarian and the woman who saved him. They set him on the examination table and began treating him right away. He required a flea bath as well as extensive medical testing to assess his anemia level. They also needed to begin administering medication to cure his mange with antibiotics and daily medicated baths immediately.



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The puppy felt secure, particularly since she had saved him. She promised to find him the finest forever home. She phoned a friend of hers who would be a great match for the pup and her friend accepted to take it. He was able to go right over to his new mother’s house once he was medically cleared.


The brave little guy was overjoyed with his new abode. On the streets, he had been frostbitten and hungry. He had everything that a little pup could want. He also had a canine sibling to keep him company, and they got along swimmingly. The puppy grew stronger. He especially liked curling up in his comfy bed after a long day of adventuring outdoors. This little pup will no longer suffer from the cold hard ground!



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



1- year later, the puppy isn’t as tiny as he used to be, but he’s still smiling! We’re happy that he’s doing so well and that his past is where it belongs: in the rearview mirror for good. His tiny shattered heart has been mended once again.

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