These breeds may include but are not limited to:
Doberman Pinscher
Giant Schnauzer
German Shepherd
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Staffordshire Terrier
Dogue de Bourdeaux
Belgian Malinois
Belgian Sheepdog
Tibetan Mastiff
Great Pyrenees
Neapolitan Mastiff
Akita Inu
Dogo Argentino
Cane Corso
Bouvier des Flandres
African Boerboel
Fila Brasileiro

A Personal Protection dog was bred with the sole purpose of protecting its environment, livestock, family, household, or building. Unlike a Watch Dog whose purpose is to only alert and alarm the owner/handler of suspicious activity or an unknown person, the protection dog will move forward and take action upon the unknown and the threatening. K9 Specialist specifically trains these dogs to only take action when necessary, and when/how to know the difference between friendly and danger.

Our Protection trained dogs will recognize people who are introduced as either a family member or a trusted friend, as well as when a person is a threat or a danger to you, your family, or your property. We train Personal Protection in 3 separate levels. Each level you advance will also advance the dogs knowledge, control, guarding/defending abilities, and overall stamina. Level 1 and 2 are for civilian type environments, and level 3 is strictly for professional use, such as a Police K9.

Whether you need to protect yourself, your family, your home or business, or even your vehicle, K9 Specialist provides all necessary environmental training specially designed to fit each individuals needs. If you are someone who travels for a living or even works out of your own home where your clients meet and greet you on a daily basis, our training is specific to your request. Contact us today to schedule an In-Home Evaluation. During this evaluation, we test your dogs temperament and working abilities, and discuss all options available to you with your own dog. If your dog for any reason does not qualify for Personal Protection, we will guide you in the direction to obtain the right dog for you and your home.

People Who May Need A Personal Protection Dog:
Families w/ Children
Single Females
Single Males
People Who Travel for Work
People Who Own Livestock
People Who Own Valuables
People with a Large Property
People Who Live in a Highly Populated Location
People Who Live Alone
People Who Have Been Threatened