Choosing your next furry companion can be exciting and fun, but where do you start? Well, lets ask and answer a few questions first.
Are you looking for a family pet that gets along with everyone, including children? If the answer is yes and you do not have any intentions on competing your dog or training it for a specific task like Personal Protection or Service Work, then adopting from a pet rescue would be a great choice. There are hundreds to thousands of dogs being put down daily in the U.S and by adopting, you can save one of those lives. Not every dog in a rescue would be fit for your home, but with some simple guidance and education, you can certainly find a wonderful forever pet for you and your family. So please, consider adoption first!

Are you looking for a task trained dog, such as Personal Protection, Sport Competition, or even a Service Animal? Then you may want to choose a puppy from a well known and credentialed breeder. First, you will want to decide if a particular breed is what your looking for, or if temperament of any breed is really your first concern. Either way, when training a dog for a specialized task, its important and crucial to start them young. You want to make sure you get your dog to a trainer before he or she becomes a young adolescent, because at that point in time, they tend to be further set in their ways and much more stubborn. A new puppy is eager to learn and has fun with it! Before you know it, you will go from a cute little puppy to a well trained dog in no time!

Are you unsure if you want to work with your dog or just have a family pet? That is no problem! Adopting is still the right choice here, seeing there are many different breeds and temperaments to choose from at a rescue. Many qualify for multi-purpose training, and with the right trainer, you can decide when you do and do not want to work your dog. These dogs have a more mellow temperament than a specifically bred working line dog, yet they are still able to complete tasks if necessary. They are also wonderful to have in the home, as they can also relax and calm down when you want them to.
These are only a few questions to ask yourself before moving forward, but definitely the most important! You will want to fully understand what your looking for and why before choosing your next companion. For some people, they don’t ask these questions first, adopt or purchase a dog, and realize they had no idea what they were getting themselves into, and the poor soul ends up at a rescue or even bouncing from home to home. So please, take time, talk amongst yourself and family before choosing, because it may be a question of life or death for the dog in the end. 

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