For many pet owners, their furry friends become part of the family, and their love and companionship are cherished. However, some people only see animals as a source of income, leading to dangerous situations. This is the story of a Pomeranian named Jasper, who was abandoned at a shelter by a breeder who deemed him too big to sell. But don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.


Jasper was only five months old when he was left at the shelter. The shelter staff took pictures of him and placed an ad on Petfinder– a website that helps people find the perfect shelter animal for them. Kathy Grayson had been looking for a dog for a while, and when she came across Jasper’s picture, she knew he was the one. She called the shelter, went through the adoption process, and soon brought Jasper home.


Kathy decided to give Jasper a fresh start by renaming him Bertie. She took him everywhere with her, including her art gallery in New York. Bertie quickly became a favorite among the gallery’s visitors, and Kathy decided to create an Instagram page for him to share his adventures and promote Petfinder.


Bertie’s Instagram page quickly gained hundreds of thousands of followers, making him an internet sensation. Despite his newfound fame, Kathy ensures Bertie’s life remains the same, filled with love and happiness. While angry with the selfish breeder, Kathy focuses on her life with her new fur-kid, who means the world to her.

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