Sharon DeBoer – Trainer

Hometown: Muskegon, MI

Education: Bachelor in Business Administration from Northwood University

How I came to work at K-9 Specialist: Al trained my dog, Duke in 2009. You will
find Duke in the videos with me on this website.

After sometime working with Al, I was looking for a new challenge in the world
of dogs.  I spoke with Al about buying some property and building a kennel forsharon
me to run.  Al agreed as this provided him with the opportunity to move the
kennel from his home property, something he was already considering.  This is
how DeBoer Dog Boarding LLC was born.  DeBoer Dog Boarding LLC and K9 Specialist
now share a location in Muskegon, MI.

Interests/Passions: I am an extremely compassionate person for those who do not
have a voice to speak for themselves. As a result of this I find myself drawn to
causes such as animal cruelty prevention, right-to-life, and child abuse

I believe that God has given me everything I have and am grateful to Him for
that. My relationship to Him is an integral part of how I treat others.

I truly enjoy what I do now, which does not make it seem like work. It makes it
a way of life. I went to college for computer science and business management.
While still in college I worked in the I.T. field and continued for some time
after graduating. I knew shortly after graduating that it was not the job for
me. I confided in Al about this and he offered to help. Ever since, I have been
working with K-9 Specialist.