A wildlife rehabilitator named Brigette met JB after he was discovered by a pond. The poor baby beaver was on his own, without a parent in sight. Thankfully Brigette took JB into her care.

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Brigette knew that JB had to be in the bathtub as much as possible so he would get used to the water. But the baby beaver hated it! But Brigette, who understood what was best for JB, persisted, and eventually, JB became water-obsessed!

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As JB grew, he started to explore Brigette’s house. He learned all about his new surroundings– and fell madly in love with blankets. In fact, Brigette explains that there wasn’t a blanket in her home that didn’t have the little beaver’s suckle marks on it.

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Soon it was time for JB to move outside where beavers belong. Amazingly, a couple nearby who actually builds ponds for a living wanted to adopt JB. But when JB went to his new home, he wanted nothing to do with the pond built just for him. Brigette was devastated. JB’s story is far from over. The best part is just a click away!

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