The Dogue de Bordeaux, with its commanding presence and striking appearance, is a breed that has garnered admiration for its strength, loyalty, and protective nature. Known for their deep bond with family members and calm demeanor in the home, they make for impressive and loving companions. However, as with any large and powerful breed, owning a Dogue de Bordeaux comes with a unique set of challenges that potential owners must consider. This article aims to provide an honest look at seven downsides to owning a Dogue de Bordeaux, offering a balanced perspective that acknowledges both the breed’s virtues and the realities of caring for such a large dog. It’s important for prospective owners to understand these challenges fully, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide a suitable and fulfilling home for these gentle giants, leading to a mutually rewarding relationship.

7 Reasons Why Dogues de Bordeaux Might Not Be Right For You

  1. Significant Size and Strength: Their large size and strength require owners who can physically handle them and have enough space to accommodate their needs. This can be a challenge in smaller living environments or for those not used to handling large breeds.
  2. High Maintenance Costs: Due to their size, Dogues de Bordeaux have higher maintenance costs. This includes food consumption, larger doses of medication, and potentially higher veterinary bills for breed-specific health issues.
  3. Drooling: This breed is known for drooling, especially after eating or drinking. Owners must be prepared for regular cleanups and managing drool, which might not be appealing to everyone.
  4. Potential for Health Issues: Dogues de Bordeaux are prone to certain health conditions such as hip dysplasia, heart problems, and bloat. Prospective owners should be aware of these health risks and prepared for the responsibility of managing them.
  5. Need for Early and Consistent Training: Given their size and protective instincts, early and consistent training is crucial. They require a confident owner who can establish and maintain leadership in a positive and consistent manner.
  6. Moderate Exercise Requirements: Despite their calm nature, Dogue de Bordeaux need regular exercise to maintain good health and prevent obesity. Owners should be prepared to provide daily walks and playtime.
  7. Shorter Lifespan: As with many large dog breeds, Dogues de Bordeaux have a relatively shorter lifespan, usually ranging from 5 to 8 years. This can be a significant emotional consideration for potential owners.

Owning a Dogues de Bordeaux can be a deeply rewarding experience. Their loyalty, protective nature, and affectionate temperament make them excellent companions. While there are notable challenges in caring for a Dogues de Bordeaux, being well-informed and prepared can lead to a fulfilling and loving relationship. These gentle giants bring a unique and loving presence to the right home, making the efforts of their care worthwhile.

On The Other Hand…

5 Positive Qualities About Dogues de Bordeaux

  1. Loyal and Protective: Dogue de Bordeaux dogs are known for their strong sense of loyalty and protection towards their family. This makes them excellent guard dogs who will faithfully protect their home and loved ones.
  2. Gentle and Affectionate: Despite their formidable size, these dogs are often gentle giants, showing great affection and gentleness towards their family members. They are known for forming deep bonds and being particularly good with children.
  3. Calm and Quiet Temperament: Unlike some larger breeds, Dogue de Bordeaux tend to have a calm and relaxed temperament. They are not known to be excessive barkers and usually display a composed demeanor.
  4. Intelligent and Trainable: These dogs are intelligent and capable of learning commands and routines. With proper training, they can be very obedient and responsive to their owners’ instructions.
  5. Impressive Physical Presence: The Dogue de Bordeaux has a distinctive and impressive physical appearance, with a muscular build and expressive face. They often draw admiration and attention for their noble and striking looks.

Dogues de Bordeaux dogs possess a combination of qualities that make them admirable pets. Their loyalty and protective nature, combined with their affectionate and calm temperament, make them excellent family dogs. Their intelligence and trainability, along with their striking physical appearance, contribute to their appeal. These characteristics make the Dogues de Bordeaux a rewarding companion for those who can accommodate their size and provide them with the care and training they need.

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