September 30th, 2015

Here at K-9 Specialist, we believe that proper socialization and play time for your pooch should be done outside of a dog park, here’s why!

At a park you see many dogs of different breeds, sizes, and temperament. Some of those dogs are fairly easy going and well behaved, while some of those dogs may be pushy and out of control. So here lies the problem. If you already have a great dog that works well for you and your home, bringing your furry friend amongst other dogs whom you do not know, especially not knowing what their behavior is like, is asking for trouble. For example, if your child was taught to have manners and be respectful to others and that child ended up hanging with the wrong group of kids, you may notice certain unwanted behaviors coming from your child all of a sudden. This goes for animals as well. You run the risk of your dog meeting another dog with bad manners, or even some aggression. It can take only one experience for your dog to change its thinking and behavior. 

Our recommendation is to socialize your dog with family and friends whom you know and trust, and that will also follow your “rules” when it comes to how you want your dog to behave. Also, to a dog, we are all dogs! So if you think your dog is bored or lonely with only humans, they most likely are not, however you may consider getting another furry companion that’s compatible with your pooch, and now he or she has a play mate! 

Dog parks seem like a wonderful place and have good intentions, but please keep in mind that your pooch may pick up on some unwanted behavior and bring it back home with you. 

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