Al Casimiro: Owner, Professional Trainer and Dog Behaviorist

Al, first formed K-9 Specialist in 1992.

Al has always had a passion for dogs. As a young child he cared for his family’s pit bull terriers, often sleeping with them in their kennels. As he grew, he knew that his passion would some day become his life’s work. In 1990, Al brought home his first dog, Princess. Unlike her dignified name, Princess was a handful of a pup. Al began seeking out trainers to help him with his unruly friend. He found a great trainer, who not only helped him with Princess, but became a friend and mentor.

As Al became more enthusiastic about training and rehabilitating dogs, K-9 Specialist was formed. For nearly twenty years, Al Casimiro and K-9 Specialist have been training and rehabilitating dogs. Using a calm, assertive energy, Al is able to rehabilitate even the most unruly pet. No problem is too big or too small.K9 Spec. Photo

Over his 20 years of working with animals, Al has trained thousands of dogs, as well as rescued over 1,300 more. His passion and love for animals has allowed him to reach out and help in other ways, such as taking in homeless dogs and dogs who have been abused or neglected. It was not uncommon to find Al sleeping in a kennel next to one of his rescues, ensuring to the dog that not all humans are bad (referring to some of our most abused and neglected cases.) Al is known to stay by a dogs side until they are fully rehabilitated, whether that takes a couples weeks to several months, he never gives up.

Al also has a degree from Grand Valley State University in Psychology, allowing him to understand the thinking and actions behind the owners mind as well. It is not only the dog that needs some training, but the owner does as well. With Al’s knowledge of animal and human behavior as well as his patience and dedication, you will find a much happier and healthier relationship between you and your pooch to enjoy for many years.

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