Yes, you read that correctly! Dogs with aggressive behavior, whether it is an extreme level or a lower level, can be trained how to control it. Aggressiveness is a common behavior in the dog world, especially in particular breeds, or in specific scenarios where the dog was taught to be aggressive for a particular reason, such as for fighting. The case of a dog being taught such behavior is completely unacceptable, however, it can be reversed. 

Here at K-9 Specialist we pride ourselves in having the ability to rehabilitate the dogs that most people would just give up on. Training is the key essential to a well behaved dog, whether they have aggressive behavioral issues or not. There are many levels of aggression, and we have a training program for every one of them. With an in-home evaluation of your dogs aggressiveness, we are able to design a training program specifically for you and your dogs needs. Give us a call today at 616-212-3054 for more info or to set up your in-home evaluation! 

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