The heartbreak of knowing so many dogs endure mistreatment and are robbed of the happiness they deserve is profound. This tale centers around Gordough – an incredible dog who suffered deeply when his owners callously abandoned him, leaving him tethered to a park bench. The thought of how devastated Gordough must have been, witnessing his owners vanish from view, is deeply distressing. Gordough clung to the hope that they would return for him. With a look of sorrow, he waited, but his owners did not come back.

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Yet, despite his heartache, Gordough never gave up hope that someone would notice him and bring him to a place of warmth and care. When the rescue team from the Austin Humane Society in Texas discovered Gordough, a large Pit Bull mix, tied up and looking despondently at them, they were taken aback by his condition.

Upon seeing the rescuers, Gordough, despite being covered in crusty, infected skin and eyes, showed signs of excitement, wagging his tail in anticipation of their approach. “He was crusty from head to toe. He had infections of the skin and eyes, and desperately needed medicated baths, eye drops, and ointment to treat them,” shared the 15/10 Foundation on Instagram. Despite his discomfort, Gordough’s spirits lifted as the rescue team approached, sensing that they were the saviors he had been waiting for. His eyes brimmed with warmth and gratitude as they freed him from the bench.

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The team immediately took Gordough to their shelter, where he quickly endeared himself to everyone. “Gordough is a big guy; he weighs 115 pounds but has a sweet and gentle demeanor.” Gordough patiently underwent treatment, receiving baths and ointments for his skin. He received love and affection from his caregivers, who showered him with cuddles. The kindness he received made him feel secure, and soon, Gordough’s demeanor brightened. Gordough’s story of resilience and joy spread, capturing hearts online and drawing the attention of the 15/10 Foundation in Los Angeles, California.

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This organization, dedicated to supporting shelter dogs with medical needs, stepped in to cover Gordough’s healthcare expenses. Their generosity extended further when they decided to help him find his forever home, ensuring he would be surrounded by love for the rest of his life.

15/10 Foundation/Instagram

Now, Gordough revels in the affection of his new family, enjoying cuddles, playtime with toys, and peaceful naps. Now fully recovered from his trauma, the pup’s life is filled with smiles, love, and contentment. Gordough’s journey from a sad beginning to finding everlasting happiness is a testament to the power of compassion and the joy of a second chance.





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