Are you bringing up a new chihuahua and looking for a unique, original or funny chihuahua name? Whether you’re bringing home a new chihuahua puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Chihuahua Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your chihuahua have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new chihuahua.

42 Original Chihuahua Puppy Name Ideas


This is Doo Doll she is 17.

Author: Patricia D.

Gouda! He’s 7 next month, very spoiled, and my best little buddy! We have 3 animals, and he is clearly my favorite and I his

Author: Elizabeth D.

My darling Izzy woo woo

Author: Lynda L.

This is Sadie!!’ My little partner n crime!

Author: Sandy M.

This is my pooch Chloe Desert Rose x

Author: Mel J.

Topper the Copper chi..given the name..As he climb over the top of siblings to nurse..and at the time was the Runt of the litter and earned his name as he climb from the bottom of the litter just to be chosen by me as his new fur parent..knowing he fought his way to the him…

Author: Thomas A.

Paisley and Dougal

Author: Donna A.

Jumbo, named after the elephant because look at those ears.

Author: Adriana Ritchey R.

SIR Clapton….named after Eric clapton because I love music…the Sir came from me being drunk one night and knighted him with my pocket knife

Author: Eddie P.

My Chihuahua mix is just Girl. Cause that’s what she is.

Author: Yvette T.

This was Whizzy. Because his first night home he peed on my pillow. 8/11/17 Best dog ever!

Author: Tiffany C.

Juicebox because my other two dogs were named Lunchbox and Thermos when I got her

Author: Misty D.

This is Chico or as we call him hotdog n many other names n he turns around when we call him all those other names lol his my baby boy he comfort me love him

Author: Mary G.

My baby boy tommyally is 10years old and the love of my life would die for my son

Author: Emma D.

Maple. She reminded myself of the color of Maple syrup when I first got her she’s 2 1/2 years old.

Author: Mike B.

Starr Rae her middle name she’s named after her human daddy her first name is named after an outlaw!

Author: Christina B.

His name was Tequila but I’m a recovering addict so we call him Teeky

Author: Michelle C.

This is Duzie! He was our first Chihuahua after having Sheltie’s only. We named him after two of our Sheltie’s that had passed…..Dugan and MacKenzie, so we put the first and last letters together and named him Duzie…..

Author: Robyn G.

Daniel The rescue I’m with, that I fostered him for named him after a man who passed away who always donated to our rescue.

Author: Beth R.

My Hercules Love of my life and my cuddle buddy

Author: Lisa R.

My girls doing their favorite thing going to lakes and parks. My girls names are Billy and Becky

Author: Teri V.

Mine was named ‘kurkouma ‘ because it was then that I had read a lot of how good this spice do to our bodies!Now he has passed away

Author: Marion W.

My little Soleil. She truly is my sunshine…Soleil in French means sun. I’ve had health issues this past year and she comforts me. Also lost my little brother this year and I’m struggling to keep it together. This little lady makes me smile.

Author: Jennifer B.

Rusty Nail…. He is the Color of a rusty nail

Author: Kimberly Britner N.

This is Maya Banana. RIP Sweet girl . Miss you so much.

Author: Yolande G.

Doodles, her original name was Sara but she was so little we called her Doodle Bug and over time it became Doodles.

Author: Ann A.

Chihuahuas Habanero (Habby) and Jalapeño (Halle)

Author: Bill C.

Mister Big Stuff

Author: Sandy D.

My baby name is Kibbles

Author: Heather J.

Mine was named dozer cause when he was a puppy he would bulldoze over all the other puppies in the litter to get my attention and to be first for everything

Author: Angela L B.

Talitha – Hebrew for little girl.Mark 5:41 41 He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha koum!” (which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”).

Author: Vivie B.

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, aka Eddie when’s his good Edward when his bad

Author: Susie P.

This is T-Bone. Name chosen by my son who was obsessed with Clifford the Big Red Dog cartoon and named him after Clifford’s dog friend lol.

Author: Jennifer Blanco B.

Chico! We rescued him when he was two.

Author: Peggy O.

This is my best friend in the world, his name is Papi.

Author: Richard A.

Maddie Girl!! She’s priceless and classy like Madden girl shoes

Author: Ana Ochoa G.

Chai, because she’s like the color of a cup of chai (tea)

Author: Doug W.

Miss Orchid

Author: Pamela Turley G.

My little Chico

Author: Ethel V W.

Castle from the series OutLander.

Author: Caroline K.

Zoe Washburn and Malcolm Reynolds. They’re named after some of the Firefly cast.

Author: Jennifer B.

Her name us Misty lou but her nick name is poot

Author: Chris S.

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