Are you bringing up a new Bichon Frise and looking for a unique, original or funny Bichon Frise name? Whether you’re bringing home a new Bichon Frise puppy, or an older rescue dog, we’ve got some great name ideas shared by our I Love My Bichon Frise Facebook community.

We asked our community the following question: Does your Bichon Frise have a unique name? Share it below along with a pic! Below we’ve compiled some of the most unique name ideas for your new Bichon Frise.

26 Original Bichon Frise Puppy Name Ideas

Maggie Mae Furball was always ready for anything

Author: Cheryl B.

Millie Bonita! She is the best!!

Author: Monica K.

Goofy. He is a therapy dog and began working with me (child therapist) in 2019. He has an overbite which has really come in handy for children who have low self esteem and use negative statements about themselves. He is a great example how not being perfect can be beautiful and accepting our imperfections for the gift they are. Goofy May never be show quality but he is special because he helps others. When a child understands this thru counseling and working with Goofy, they begin to accept their imperfections and progress in therapy is made and self esteem improves because they learn to think positively. Sorry for rambling but it’s just amazing to me.

Author: Sandie H.

He’s my little cookie

Author: Janet M.

Here’s Mattie Moo. She is also a therapy dog. When we go for walks it’s always people first other dogs second.

Author: Jodi L.

Cosmo!!! Or Momo or the big Mo. he answers to all three!

Author: Kathy Buswell H.

His name is sparky and he is 10 & 1/2 years old

Author: Steven C.

Fiona, Fiona MacMoaner, Princess Fiona.

Author: Claire K.


Author: Barbara M.


Author: Emily D.

Our King Riley

Author: Johnny A.


Author: Suzanne W.

Jacques Sinclair

Author: Janet M.

Ladies & Gentlemen, may I introduce my Darling Boy ‘Soufflé!!’ I gave him that name because I’m a retired Chef & soufflé’s are light, fluffy, sweet & delicious & it fits my Baby perfectly!! What joy this little stinker has brought into our home, our lives! We love him to pieces!!

Author: Victoria D.

This little fellas name around the house was always ‘Hootie!’ Despite all of his birth defects, and being told that he wouldn’t make it…he was determined to live! He was also extremely smart…he sometimes seemed to know what I was going to say before I said it! There will never be another ‘Hootie!’ I loved him so much!

Author: Larry H.

Angel Girl

Author: James D.

According to his AKC “papers” he is Saint Regis Philbin Lundbohm

Author: Eric L.

Introducing Little Evil Stewie Buttface Fergus Bubba Malone Hall Hopper aka Turd Ferguson.

Author: Michelle H.

Back in the 1940s there was a shoe ad….”I’m Buster Brown ,I live in a shoe….” My last name is Brown…..and this is Buster

Author: Rita B.

Kaine…3 years old.

Author: Avis Shawnetta P.


Author: Rita L.

Olaf The Bichon Frise Everyone Loves aka Count Olaf.

Author: Olaf The Bichon Frise Everyone L.


Author: Cindy J B.


Author: Pri K.


Author: Gemma H.

Trigger named after the late Roger Lloyd Pack, who played Trigger in Only Fools and Horses, who sadly passed away they day we were blessed with him.

Author: Kellie N.

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