There’s nothing worse than watching your Chihuahua suffers from itchy skin allergies. We asked our community of over 800,000 Chihuahua owners the following question: What shampoo do you recommend for a Chihuahua with itchy or sensitive skin? We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your Chihuahua’s health;

20 Best Hypoallergenic Shampoos for Chihuahua’s with Itchy/Sensitive Skin

I would try feeding a poultry free dog food. Took me forever to figure out my dogs skin and smell issues. Vet said chicken is the #1 dog food allergy…yet almost all kibble contains chicken

Author: Charissa M.

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I use Burt’s Bees for dogs itch-soothing shampoo. My dogs hair has gotten softer with each use. Works great.

Author: Tammie H.

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I use hartz oatmeal shampoo on my Chihuahua, I use unscented baby wipes for sensitive skin and wipe her feet and bottom, belly off after she’s been in the grass

Author: Claudia Desson J.

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I have always used Oatmeal shampoo on my 15 year old chi..It works..I use small breed Beneful dry food to feed my chi

Author: Maggie O.

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We just use Epson salt and baking soda sprinkle 1/2 and 1/2 of both and let them soak in it.

Author: Carin A.

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Also change dog food that was a problem with my baby .

Author: Tina E.

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Honey Sweetie Acres sells a dog shampoo bar

Author: Karen Thaxton F.

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I use Burts bee oatmeal shampoo, works good and is safe.

Author: Elizabeth Taylor D.

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Young Living Animal Scents shampoo.

Author: Deborah S.

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Jax in daisy shampoo. They have a web site. Very good.

Author: Debbie D.

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I use sergeants fur so freash it’s an oatmeal shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin. It definitely works

Author: Darla E.

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Hartz extra gentle soothing oatmeal shampoo Walmart sells it

Author: Mary G.

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Earth bath, hypoallergenic fragrance free shampoo. I think they make an oatmeal one too-

Author: Judith F.

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At 10 years old, my chi started to get raw, itchy skin. It took years to find help. She went to the vet and got allergy shits to no avail. Nizoral is an anti dandruff shampoo. The ingredient ketoconazole in it is what helps. Target is less expensive than other stores. About $15. A probiotic also has greatlly helped. Been giving her one made by zesty paws. Within 2 weeks of a daily bath and one probiotic, her hair has totally grown back and she is happy and comfotable again. She won’t eat the probiotic chew alone, so I crumble it in a small amount of plain or vanilla yogurt and feed it to her. Good luck! It took me 4 years of trying different things.

Author: Brenda M.

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Dermoscent has been a life saver for my little allergic dog. The vet recommended it and it is drops u put on neck and it soothes the skin. You can buy it on Amazon and walmart. I was skeptical ut it has worked for months now

Author: Jaclyn Hill S.

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I use Jack and Daisy, I use their shampoo in conjunction with their lotion.

Author: Laura C.

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Some dogs with itchy skin can have a yeast problem, if so don’t use an oatmeal shampoo. I would try an aloe or tea tree. Earthbath is my favorite brand.

Author: Chris Parker G.

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Are they inside dogs or outside dogs. I had my chihuahua for 16 years and she was an inside dog and the vet told me to honestly bath her once a season if that because she needed the natural oils of her own skin she was shorthaired But she never smelled bad or anything like that don’t worry lol but to much bathing causes dry skin and itchy and sensitive skin also.

Author: Athena D.

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Mane and tail—- horses dogs cats pet pigs cows but baby shampoo more cause does not sting eyes— hard to find but baby shampoo head and tails u use to be able to find in hartville amish store

Author: Kathryn F.

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I use this on my chi’s from when they were just under 1 Yr old(.there 12 now)I love it cause they smell nice and it leaves there coat nice and soft

Author: Naomi T.

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