Christmas gifts for dog lovers
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How should you choose the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers? Dog parents are a unique group of people with unending affection for their canine friends. Thus, surprising them with a dog-related gift is sure to make them smile. To ease your search, we compiled a list of Christmas presents that can make every dog lover’s holiday season extra special.

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How to Choose the Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

The best Christmas gift will vary depending on who you’re getting it for, but most dog parents will be happy with something animal-themed. Consider the following when picking out a present.

Consider Their Preferences

First, think about what the person likes other than dogs. Do they love to decorate? Do they like to be cozy? Will they want something to make their dog’s life better? Almost any product you can think of could come with a dog design, so think outside of the box and make sure it’s something the person will enjoy.

Check out Personalized Gifts

Many dog lovers love personalized gifts, such as products that include their dog’s specific name and breed. Customizable gifts are often more heartfelt because they’re not something you can give to just anyone.

Some Dog Lovers Prefer Charitable Options

If the dog lover is also passionate about helping animals in need, consider finding a product that donates to animal organizations with every purchase. Some dog lovers may even enjoy a donation to a shelter dog in their honor instead of a physical gift.

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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

iHeartDogs Polar Fleece Dog Blanket
  • Ultra-soft polar fleece blanket
  • Designed with a paw print pattern
  • 50″ x 60″
  • Machine-washable
  • Feeds shelter pets with every purchase

If you live somewhere where it gets cold for Christmas, a blanket is the perfect gift for anyone trying to stay warm. This polar fleece blanket from iHeartDogs is the perfect cozy gift for dog lovers because it’s covered in a blue paw print pattern. It’s 50″ x 60″, making it large enough for both you and your dog to cuddle underneath. The high-quality polar fleece material includes reinforced binding to ensure that the blanket doesn’t rip or fray over time. Plus, it’s machine-washable for easy cleaning and feeds five shelter pets with every purchase.

iHeartDogs Magnetic Therapy Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • Stainless steel bracelet with hearts and paw prints
  • Can make a great memorial gift
  • Has healing properties such as reduced pain and improved energy levels
  • Size can be adjusted with an included tool
  • Donates meals to shelter dogs

The iHeartDogs Magnetic Therapy Bracelet is an ideal option for dog parents who love jewelry. The stainless steel design includes hearts and paw prints, so it can be an excellent symbol for the person’s love for dogs or it can be a great memorial gift for someone who recently lost their furry friend. Plus, the healing magnets used in the bracelet can provide a lot of benefits for the person wearing it, such as less pain and inflammation, improved blood flow, increased energy levels, and better concentration. It even comes with a tool to adjust the size as needed. For every bracelet purchased, three meals will be donated to shelter dogs.

PLUFL Human Dog Bed
  • Human-sized dog bed can fit both you and your dogs
  • Made with vegan fur and orthopedic memory foam
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Includes pockets and carrying handles
  • Comes in four colors

The Plufl Human Dog Bed is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to be cozy in the winter. Have you ever admired your dog curled up in their bed and wished you could be as comfortable as them? With this human-sized dog bed, both you and your dog can comfortably curl up on the plush surface and nap. With a vegan fur exterior and raised edges on all sides, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud in this bed. The bed’s interior is made with orthopedic and gel-infused memory foam to keep you cozy while also supporting your joints. The side of the bed has pockets for storage and handles for easy transport. Plus, the ultra-soft cover is removable and machine-washable for easy maintenance.

iHeartDogs Sunflowers & Paws Artisan Shadow Solar Lantern
  • Lantern projects paw prints and sunflowers onto the ground around it
  • Solar-powered feature makes it eco-friendly
  • Stays on for about 8 hours
  • Works both indoors and outdoors
  • Donates meals to shelter dogs

Many dog lovers like to have as much pet-related decor as possible, and this lantern is the perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor setups. It’s solar-powered, so it charges during the day and then illuminates at night. There’s no need to plug it in, making it an eco-friendly option. When the lantern lights up, it casts a pattern full of paw prints and sunflowers onto the ground around it, lasting for about 8 hours. Every lantern purchased provides seven meals to dogs in need.

Spark Paws Matching Human and Dog Clothes
  • Matching dog and human hoodies
  • Comes in a variety of colors and styles
  • Variety of sizes for dogs and humans
  • Soft, breathable materials with fleece interior
  • Can be machine-washed

Spark Paws not only allows dog parents to be cozy, but they also offer the cutest matching dog and human clothes. They have lots of warm, cute hoodies that come in both dog and human sizes. Both are made of soft, breathable materials, typically with a fleece interior. Human sizes usually range from S to 2XL while dog sizes range from S to 5XL. Check the sizing chart to make sure you get the right sizes for you and your furry friend. These hoodies can be machine-washed cold, but hanging to dry is recommended.

Original Plush Cuddle Clones
  • Stuffed animal that resembles a real-life pet
  • Can make a great memorial gift
  • Made of high-quality faux fur
  • Every plushie is unique and hand-crafted with love
  • Each purchase donates meals to shelter dogs

Cuddles Clones are adorable stuffed animals designed to look just like someone’s real-life dog. Since these require a lot of customization, they take longer to prepare and ship, so you may need to pay for rush creation to get it in time for Christmas. Otherwise, it can make an incredible gift for any other time of year, whether the plush resembles a dog that’s still alive or a dog that recently passed. Cuddle Clones capture all of the details that make each dog special using high-quality faux fur. Plus, every purchase gives meals to shelter dogs.

iHeartDogs Dog Memorial Angel with Butterfly Figurine
  • Dog statue with angel wings and a butterfly
  • Made of weather-resistant poly-resin stone
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Makes a great memorial gift
  • Donates meals to shelter dogs

If you know someone who recently lost their dog, the iHeartDogs Dog Angel with Butterfly Figurine is a heartfelt memorial gift. It’s made of weather-resistant poly-resin stone, so you can place this decoration either inside or outside. It’s a great reminder of a beloved dog who has crossed the rainbow bridge, so looking at it may fill the receiver with fond memories. Plus, every statue sold donates seven meals to shelter dogs.

iHeartDogs My Favorite Dog Breed Socks
  • Socks with a variety of breed designs
  • Made of polyester, cotton, and spandex
  • Machine-washable
  • Set of two, one-size-fits-all
  • Donates meals to shelter dogs

As a kid, socks might have felt like a bad present, but many adults love to have lots of cozy and colorful socks. The My Favorite Dog Breed socks are perfect for dog lovers because you can choose a pair that has that person’s favorite breed on them. It comes with two sets that are both one-size-fits-all. They’re made of a blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex to ensure they’re both comfortable and stretchy. After every use, you can throw them in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Plus, every time these socks are purchased, three meals are donated to shelter dogs.

Embark Dog DNA Test
  • Includes breed and health tests
  • Shows breed breakdown, ancestry, and relative finder
  • Tests for genetic health risks and traits
  • Vet-developed
  • Results in 2-4 weeks

Many rescue dog parents are curious about their dog’s breed, but not everyone has gotten a DNA test. An Embark Dog DNA Test can be a fun surprise for a dog parent, especially one that recently adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue. The most popular Embark product includes a breed and health test so someone can see their dog’s breed breakdown and a genetic health screening. These tests were developed by veterinarians, so you can feel confident knowing they will provide accurate information about your pup.

Hunger for Words Talking Pet Starter Set
  • Starter set to teach dogs to talk using buttons
  • Comes with four buttons and a step-by-step guide
  • You choose what words to record on the buttons
  • Formulated by speech therapist Christina Hunger
  • Buttons use AAA batteries

You’ve probably seen videos online of dogs “talking” to their humans using buttons. If you know someone who has been curious to try it out for themselves, you can give them this Talking Pet Starter Set so they can give it a try. It comes with four buttons that you can record words on and a step-by-step guide on how to teach your dog to use them. Christina Hunger, a speech therapist known for teaching her dog to use buttons, created this set to help other dogs communicate like her dog does.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Keep Dogs Safe During Christmas?

Ensure that all Christmas decorations, especially those that are small or fragile, are out of reach to prevent dogs from chewing or swallowing them. Avoid festive plants like poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe, which can be toxic to dogs. Create a quiet and comfortable space for your pet to retreat to if the holiday celebrations become overwhelming, and keep their routine as normal as possible to minimize stress.

What is a Good Gift for Someone Who Recently Lost Their Dog?

A thoughtful gift for someone who has recently lost their dog could be a custom memorial item, such as a personalized engraved ornament or a portrait of the dog. Another meaningful gesture is donating to an animal organization in the dog’s name to honor their memory while supporting animals in need.

Is it Okay to Give a Puppy as a Christmas Gift?

No, you should not give a puppy as a gift without the receiver’s knowledge. Puppies are a big commitment and a part of the family, so having everyone’s knowledge and consent in the household is crucial. If you really want to get a dog for someone, you could offer to pay the adoption fee and then let them pick out the dog themselves to make sure they find the right fit.

Can Dogs Eat Christmas Meal Leftovers?

Dogs should avoid many common items in Christmas meal leftovers, including foods that are high in fat, salt, or spices, as well as specific ingredients like onions, garlic, grapes, and chocolate, which are toxic to dogs. To keep your pet safe, it’s best to stick to their regular diet and avoid giving them human food, or alternatively, offer dog-safe treats that are made specifically for their digestive system.

Should You Wrap Christmas Gifts for Dogs?

You can wrap Christmas gifts for dogs, but you don’t have to. Most dogs will be excited either way, but many canines enjoy ripping apart wrapping paper. If you wrap your dog’s gift, make sure you supervise them while they open it.

Dog examining Christmas present

Final Thoughts

Christmas is a time of giving, warmth, and joy. For the dog lover in your life, a thoughtful gift that acknowledges their deep connection with their furry companion speaks volumes. Each gift on our list is tailored to enhance, celebrate, and honor this unique bond.

This Christmas, make the season’s greetings even more magical with a present that unites the hearts of both the dog lover and their cherished pet. The wags, woofs, and smiles are guaranteed to make this Christmas unforgettable.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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