Dog Training available in West Michigan, Holland, Zeeland, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Fruitport, Springlake, Muskegon areas INCLUDING ALSO BUT NOT LIMITED TO the following counties Ottawa, Allegan, Muskegon, Kent, Oceana, Newago and more!! Programs including the 100% guarantee are for the life of your dog!

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K-9 Specialistʼs philosophy on training a dog correctly, comes from nothing more and nothing less than just pure nature. What this means is K-9 Specialist does not use any tactics to training to correcting your dog that the Pack Leader Wolf wouldn’t do his or herself to correcting and training it’s own pups in the wild.

We do not believe in hitting a dog, squirting a dog in its face with a squirt bottle, or shaking cans full of pennies to correct or train a dogs behavior.

We also believe that treats should be used only at a certain time of training, which we will discuss more in depth in our one on one evaluation.

Here at K-9 Specialist, we believe that there are three phases of training when dealing with your dog. Those phases are the learning phase, the correction phase, and the distraction phase.

Protect your Home, Protect your Family, Protect your Life.

Dog Training Meant to Build a Lifetime Bond Between a Dog and the Owner.



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Our Lifetime Guarantee applies to all of our programs. This is valid for the life of the dog that is put through our training, and must have successfully completed the entire program. The lifetime guarantee applies only to clients who follow the training guidelines and protocols of which we set during the training program. If the client fails to complete these guidelines and protocols for the life of their dog, the client forfeits the “lifetime guarantee” of our training. If at any time the clients dog needs to be re-trained from failure to follow guidelines and protocols put in place by prior training, there will be an additional cost to any future training that the dog may need.”



Only Cash and Credit Cards Accepted.  Note: Additional 4.8% fee charged for Credit Card Payments.  Paying cash nothing over $200 in $20’s will be excepted, large bills only.




Evaluations are free only with the purchase of a program, otherwise there will be a charge.



Please note: once agreed upon to enter into a signed contract, if travel and and time are required to finalize the contract and the contract is not signed, K-9 Specialist LLC reserves the right to charge our company hourly rate for travel and home visit time spent.