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Reno & Stark – Justin & Tracy Kronemeyer

We are happy to bring our dogs, Reno & Stark, home and continue to work with them.  We are also excited for their next phase of training.

Justin & Tracy Kronemeyer

Grand Rapids, MI

Gypsy – Scot & Huston Morrison

- Gypsy is absolutely amazing. Completely trained and as loving as always.  Pheonominal job Sharon ~ Scot

- She's the same happy dog and now completely obedient.  Thank you K9 Specialist for taking our worries with owning a 180lb dog away! ~ Huston

Scot & Huston Morrison

Detroit, MI

Sadi – Dinorah Lara

Sadi is absolutely amazingly trained thanks to Sharon.  I will highly recommend Sharon/K9 Specialist to every and any dog owner.

Dinorah Lara

Holland, MI

Sparty – Melissa

We are so excited to be taking Sparty home today!  His obedience is 100% improved and he is very loving.  He will make a great companion in working through the fears, triggers and anxiety together.  🙂  K9 Specialist has trained my teammate!  It means so much and we are forever grateful for what they have done.


Grandville, MI

Abbie – Mike White

Would recommend k9 Specialist to family and friends.  Al and Sharon are very direct and easy to work with.  I now have a wonderful GSD that will obey and can now take into a public setting. Very thankful!

Mike White

Muskegon, MI

Perrin – The Gillilands

Thank you to K9 Specialist for the excellent care and control with our German Short Hair, Perrin.  She is a completely new dog!

The Gillilands

Fremont, MI

Cedric – Priscilla Blair

Sharon did a wonderful job with our dog Cedric.  She returned phone calls quickly and never seemed rushed.  I am bringing my dog home who is clearly manageable.  I highly recommend using Sharon for training!

Priscilla Blair

Portage, MI

Joplin – Sarah Patterson

I am very happy with Joplin's training so far.  I will continue to provide updates as she is home.

Sarah Patterson

Holland, MI

Hans – The Voslers

We are extremely satisfied with the training our dog received from Sharon.

The Voslers

Algonac, MI

Milo – John M Hickey Jr

A truly transformational change.  My initial impression is nothing short of amazed.

John M Hickey Jr

Standwood, MI

Herbie – Carol & Duane Dykhouse

We are thoroughly pleased with all of the training - Sharon is a blessing for all she has taught us & Herbie.

Carol & Duane Dykhouse

Byron Center, MI

Mozzie – Josette & Kyleigh Nelson

We are very pleased with Mozzie's training and the way Sharon advised us.  She was as awesome trainer, with a great personality.  Would recommend her to anyone thinking training!

Josette & Kyleigh Nelson

Pepper – Corrine Waid

I am very pleased to see my dog, Pepper, behave so nicely.  It is truly amazing to see the drastic change in just 6 weeks.  Al and Sharon are wonderful handlers.

Having such a large active dog, it became hard to manage things in our home.  After looking into several training options, I decided that would offer a little more.  I found K9 Specialist online and after looking at their website, I decided to give them a call.

Al was so interesting to talk to and spent time explaining everything to me.  I brought Pepper to the facility the next week and met Sharon.  In the weeks to follow, I was able to visit, give her love, and see her progress.  Sharon spent time with me answering my questions and sharing her knowledge.  I could see the bond she had built with Pepper.  When Pepper was ready to go home, Sharon worked with me one on one and everything came together.

I would highly recommend K9 Specialist for all your dog training.  They really know their stuff.  I am looking forward to further training at home.  I have complete confidence in Pepper's ability to grow and continue to improve.

Corrine Waid

Muskegon, MI

Aspen – Willow Tufts

After years of suffering with PTSD and trying to find an experienced, respectful, and knowledgeable trainer; I was overjoyed to find K9 Specialist.  They did on outstanding job of finding and training Aspen to be my constant companion.  I asked a lot of them and they delivered in every way!

Willow Tufts

Grand Rapids, MI

Nero – Jillian Walsh

Sharon was fabulous with Nero!  He overcame several behavioral issues very quickly and was fully off leash trained.  She sent pictures and video so i knew how he was doing.  It was hard leaving him but he was in fabulous hands and it was the best thing I could have done for him.

Jillian Walsh

Toledo, OH

Luna – Jeri Smith

Luna has made a remarkable transformation from when we dropped her off.  We were afraid she was t able to be fixed,  We are truly grateful for all of the hard work Al and Sharon put into her.  It was work the sacrifice of not having her home.  It was fantastic that we were allowed to come and visit with her during the training process.

Jeri Smith

Kentwood, MI

Samson – The Markey’s

Samson was a little hyper and disobedient before training. He has come back very calm, listening on the first command, and extremely obedient. He is a totally new dog, and I would recommend this training to anyone who is considering being a dog owner.

Mike & Vanessa Markey

Norton Shores, MI

Timmy – The Rogalski’s

Timmy is an excited, young puppy full of energy.  Unfortunately, traditional training + obedience classes were not successful for us.  After 6 weeks @  K9 Specialist, he has made tremendous progress.  We are optimistic that Timmy will continue his progress and look forward to many years of family fun.

Adam & Amanda Rogalski

Maddie – Tina Scrupsky

Thank you K9 Specialist!  Prior to Maddie's training she was a crazy dog and did not listen. Now she is so well-behaved and listens to all the commands we are so excited to have her back with the family and for her to spend more time with us at kids events and going places with us.  Thank you again!

Tina Scrupsky

Gunner & Layla – The Verspoors

We are very happy with the training so far.  We cannot wait to get them back into their home environment.

James Voldy & Sandy Verspoor

Sparty – Mary

Sharon & Al have been wonderful through this process.  We came as a last resort and leave hopeful for the future of our 2 dogs co-existing peacefully together.


Rev & Zoey

At this time we're excited to get the dogs home to work on the obedience training they've learned with K9 Specialist.

Tara – Kyla Purvis

The change in Tara has been from night to day.  No longer does she lunge at squirrels or other dogs; she stays by my side.  Now we can go to places together.

Kyla Purvis

Kalamazoo, MI

Quinn – The Kings

Quinn is so much more well behaved and obedient.  It is awesome and amazing to see her like that!  Thank you so much!

Shannon & William King

Gronk & Thor – Kyle Polasek

We are very pleased with the results of both our dogs Gronk & Thor.  They will now be able to live a well balanced life together.  Thank you K9 Specialist!

Kyle Polasek

Ruby – The Schoudts

We wanted more than a pet.  We wanted a cohesive and attentive companion we could experience adventures with and that requires a dog to understand not only how to act but also to want to do it as well.  Too often trainers think they have to break a dogs spirit to "teach" it.  That is not the case at K9 Specialist.  They not only were able to understand our needs but they helped us understand Ruby's needs as well.

Thanks to their hands on training we are taking home not just a pet but half of a team.  Thanks so much!

The Schoudts

Pheido – Bolluar A. Apoute Rolon

I've had a great experience with Sharon and Al.  From the start of the training program they have been very amicable.  They've explained very well all the steps and phases of my dog's training.  My dog, Pheido, loves them.  They know what they are doing.

Bolluar A. Apoute Rolon

Ann Arbor, MI

Cubby & Patch – Michelle and John Koppin

Cubby and Patch came to K9 Specialist to correct behavioral issues.  Since spending their time here I am amazed at their increased focus and attention to commands.  Cubby odes not  become distracted by others animals.  Patch no longer jumps when he greets me.  He also no longer barks!!  Sharon has been so helpful in explaining the training and corrections to be using.  I can't wait to get both dogs home and being comfortable having the dogs with me in public.

Michelle and John Koppin

Goose – Michael & Airlie Drozdowski

My family brought Goose to Sharon for obedience training, we were nervous to let our family member leave us and live somewhere else for a short amount of time.  However, those fears were not needed.  Sharon kept in contact with us, sent us videos of him and let us know how he was at all times.

Michael & Airlie Drozdowski

Luna – The Whitneys

We are so excited to take Luna home!  Her change has been amazing and transformational!  We have no doubt we chose the right dog and the right people for her training.  Sharon has been so wonderful to work with, we wouldn't hesitate to have our pets with her anytime!

The Whitneys

Wayland, MI

Kona – Mark Pendery

Kona was not behaving well before we dropped her off toe Al and Sharon.  She is a big strong dog.  When her training was complete, she was like a new dog.  She does what she is told on command.  We are thrilled with the work performance and highly recommend new dog owners take advantage of this program.

Mark Pendery

Grand Haven, MI

Savvy – Mark VanderWall and Dawn Lagne

Savvy is our 8 month old Rottweiler puppy.  70+ pounds of pure muscle puppy.  I cannot imagine being able to enjoy a rambunctious, obstinate rough playing puppy of that size with her strength.  Instead we have an obedient, educated, complaint companion.  Thanks to the excellent and impressive work Sharon has done with her and the training program K9 Specialist offers.  We are extremely pleased and filled with overwhelming gratitude for the dog they have given us.

Mark VanderWall and Dawn Lagne

North Muskegon, MI

Buddy – The Wiebengas

We are picking up Buddy today.  Wow, what a difference.  Our next dog will be back here for training; that is for sure.  Thank you K9 Specialist.

The Wiebengas

Hamilton, MI

Riddick & Ziggy – Barb and Clay Adkins

We are very impressed with the difference in behavior of our dogs!  They can actually be in the same room together without biting at each other.  I would recommend your facility to anybody.  Thank you so much for treating our animals as if they were your own.

Barb & Clay Adkins

Ace – Dean and Shannon Mathews

Sharon has laid a great foundation for our dog.  We are happy with what we have seen so far and excited to continue the work at home.  We have seen a difference in his behaviors we were originally concerned about in just a short time.  I am confident he will be such an awesome dog as his obedience work continues at home.

Dean and Shannon Mathews

Metro Detroit, MI

Fritzi – Amy Rummel

I have a new amazingly well behaved dog because of Al and Sharon at K9 Specialist.  Fritzi came to K9 Specialist with a high prey drive that was impossible to control.  After working with Fritzi for 6 weeks she is a new loving dog that stays by my side even when there are animals and other distractions around.  I could not be happier with her results.  Thank you!

Amy Rummel

Portage, MI

Atlas – Ed & Jacque Goard

Sharon did such a fantastic job training our high energy Boxer pup.  He's amazingly well-behaved!!

Ed & Jacque Goard

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Kalik – Patricia Elsey

We're so excited to be bringing Kalik home!  Sharon did a wonderful job training him to be an emotional support dog.  Thank you so very much!

Patricia Elsey

Grosse Pointe, MI

Raina – Vincent Strockis

I am very happy and impressed with this training.  Raina has shown TREMENDOUS improvement in te time she has been with Sharon at K9 Specialist.  I am very pleased with the results.

Vincent Strockis

Chesterfield, MI

Ina – Erjola & Ernest Durmishi

Thank you so much for training our Ina, we are so happy and impressed with the results.  She has been well taken care of and is listening to us with no problems.  Sharon is a wonderful trainer and patient with Ina.  She looks like she is not my dog and I love the commands she listens to.  Al was right that is going to obey us with no problem.  We are very, very, happy with everything.  We will definitely recommend this facility in a heartbeat.  Very professional, clean and very knowledgeable.  Love, love the results.  They even taught our dog, Ina, in another language (Albanian) for us.

Erjola & Ernest Durmishi

Lapeer, MI

Kilo – Whitney & Brad Foster

When I brought Kilo to Sharon, he was very disobedient.  He was starting to become out of control. He would jump on us and bite at us if we told him no.  Five weeks later he is listening, no longer biting art us and is a much better behaved dog.  I am very pleased with his training and look forward to our future together.  I would definitely recommend K9 Specialist for dog training.

Whitney & Brad Foster

Grainger, IN

Gunner – The Borgs

Sharon has been great every step of the way.  She has answered all questions and concerns we have had throughout this process.  We love our "new" dog.

The Borgs

Canton, MI

Bronson – Stephanie Olszewski

I appreciate the work Sharon and Al have done to allow my dog, Bronson, to become a well-mannered and obedient dog.  He has truly changed in that I trust my dog around myself with other dogs near.  I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done to allow us to have the training and tools to live our lives with less worry than ever before.

Stephanie Olszewski

North Riverside, IL

Skyla- Chad and Megan Theisen

In just three weeks Skyla has gone from night to day.  She has come to listen quick on command and even before commands need to be said.  She now uses her energy for playing instead on jumping on a person.  We could not be more satisfied with K9 Specialist.

Chad and Megan Theisen

Kody – Ken & Cheryl Northouse

Kody is learning not only to be a good dog, but has progressed to advanced obedience in less than 3 weeks!  Amazing work Sharon!!  We are looking forward to continuing to work with him at home.  We appreciate you training us to think like a canine as well.  🙂

Ken & Cheryl Northouse

Holland, MI

Willow – Pam DeWilde

Thank you K9 Specialist for training my Dutch Shepard, Willow.  Willow is a very stubborn, smart dog.  Since her training, she is extremely well behaved.  I will recommend you to all my friends and family.  Thank you!

Pam DeWilde

Grand Haven, MI

Walter and Massey – Steve & Marcia Curtiss

Being "big dog" owners we know the importance of obedience.  Sharon and Al did a great job ensuring Walter and Massey were ready to come home and start their "jobs" visiting the assisted living communities where I work.  We feel ready to continue their learning at home.

Steve & Marcia Curtiss

Grand Rapids, MI

Mavis – Matt & Brenda Davis

mavis_20160708We are very pleased with Sharon and her training.  From start to finish Mavis was here for 4 1/2 weeks, and the results are amazing.  We now have an enjoyable, under control family dog!  We're looking forward to many years of working with her and loving on her. Thanks for everything!

Matt & Brenda Davis

Hudsonville, MI

Molly – Angela & Todd Reed

molly_20160722We brought our dog to Sharon as an anxious dog who had bad habits that could potentially harm her (running away, not coming when called, etc).  She is calm now a calm, well-behaved dog who listens well and has great manners.  She, nor we, are no longer anxious.  We appreciate having a dog that we can enjoy, take with us to place we could not before.  Thank you!!

Angela & Todd Reed

Holland, MI

Kona – Eric McCoy & Dana Schoenmaker

kona_20160722We rescued our first dog, Luke, when he was 10 months old.  He was captured after running around the country for many months.  He was a great dog when we visited him at the shelter.  Once we got him home, he started showing aggression and was not confident.  He was very smart and quick to pick up on a new commands but still showed aggression to people.  After almost a year of failed training, we came to K9 Specialist.  Sharon and Al quickly exceeded our exceptions and got Luke under control with behavior modification training.  He is now the ideal dog.  When we decided to get a second dog, it was a no-brainer using K9 Specialist for obedience training.  We would highly recommend K9 Specialist for any dog training needs.

Eric McCoy & Dana Schoenmaker

Montague, MI

Oliver – Jenna Coleman

oliver_20160724Oliver could not previously go anywhere in public and had to stay behind at home because he were unable to control how he acted.  He would jump up on everyone and not listen.  He was also very difficult to walk - he pulled the entire time and went crazy when other dogs walked by.  After Oliver's training, I am no longer afraid to take him places and am excited for him to go do outdoor things and be able to walk him without worrying that other dogs would walk by.  I don't think I would have been able to keep him without this training.  He is a whole new dog now.

Jenna Coleman

Bear and Little Girl – Sandra Bingley

bear_lg_201607My experience with Sharon at K9 Specialist has been amazing.  My 4 year old GSDs were brought in with many obedience problems.  Picking them up after extensive training was a God sent change, much appreciated.  Thank you for all your hard work, Sharon.

Sandra Bingley

Lansing, MI

Rex – The Christmans

rex_20160731We are very excited!  Rex is now "civilized".  Imagine being able to walk with out being yanked all over town.  So happy!  We were able to sit and enjoy a beer in town and Rex sat/laid down nicely and we could enjoy ourselves.  Thank you Sharon & Al.

The Christmans

Blue – Jonathan and Tammy Albro

blue_201600805K9 Specialist did a fantastic job training Blue.  He is so well-behaved and responsive.  Its everything we could have asked for.  You can see how much Sharon truly cares about every dog there.  Thank you so much.

Jonathan & Tammy Abro

Elle May – Ronald and Traci Rowley

elliemay_20160904We needed to have our dog trained for advanced obedience and emotional assistance.  Sharon did a wonderful job at training our dog.  We are so pleased at the results.  The dog is calm and very attentive.  When we brought her in she jumped, didn't listen and had some chewing issues, but now she is very obedient and responds to commands.

Sharon and Al are extremely commited to their training and very caring individuals who understand our needs and tailored the training for the needs of our daughter who suffers from high anxiety.  She needed the dog to help her cope in stressful situations. We highly recommend K9 Specialist to anyone looking to have their dog trained.  Thank you again K9 Specialist!

Ronald & Traci Rowley

Yager – Joe Sherwood

yager_20160807This training has exceeded my expectations.  The training I have received it much appreciated.  Yager has done great with walking and various distractions.  I am looking forward to additional training in home.

Joe Sherwood

Spring Lake MI

Rumor – Bekah Johnson

Rumor_20160621We brought our newly adopted 2-year-old to K9 Specialist with the goal to refine her very loving and affectionate demeanor.  We wanted to share more of our lives with her without the stress of disobedience.  Sharon was not only excellent trainer of our dog, but also an excellent trainer for us humans.  Communication was fantastic and really helped us understand the logic behind our dog's mentality and methods that are most effective.  We are thrilled with her progress - especially the calm with which she now walks with us.  We look forward to continued progress and future updates.  Thanks so much!

-Bekah Johnson, Norton Shores, MI

Marshall – Jared and Tamara Erskine

Marshall_20160617We brought Marshall, our GSD puppy, to K9 Specialist for obedience and protection training.  As a music artist, I travel quite a bit and wanted Marshall to guard and protect my wife, Tamara while I'm away.  After the obedience portion of the training, we were very impressed with Marshall's behavior.  We're excited to see more through his training and are extremely pleased with K9 Specialist.  We recommend anyone who is serious about getting their dog trained correctly the first time.  Thanks K9 Specialist!!

-Jared and Tamara Erskine, South Bend, IN

Bella – Iryna Petrushko & Steve Tondu

Bella_20160615We are very happy with the level of training and care our dog, Bella, received during her stay here.  We are happy to see the positive changes and effect in our dog that Sharon's training program had on our Bella.  We picked up a completely transformed and well behaved dog when compared to the dog we first dropped off.  We would definitely bring another pet here (if we were to get another dog) to work with Sharon again.  I highly recommend Sharon's obedience program as her heart and passion for dogs is obvious.

-Iryna Petrushko & Steve Tondu, Fenton, MI

Atlas – Leah & Emily Markel

Atlas_20160606K9 Specialist is absolutely awesome to work with.  They are very knowledgeable and patient as we learned.  Atlas was a handful when we brought him and now behaves with no worries!  Very thankful we found K9 Specialist - definitely worth the investment.

-Leah & Emily Markel, Mount Pleasant, MI

Enzo – Kate Elder

Enzo_20160608I brought my disobedient dog, Carrera, to K9 Specialist and she came back a perfect well behaved angel!  I was so impressed that I immediately sent my new puppy to be trained as well.  All of my future dogs will be trained by K9 Specialist.

-Kate Elder, Royal Oak, MI

Rocky – Jeff Kamer


The experience I have had with K9 Specialist has been great.  My boxer, Rocky, has made tremendous strides in his obedience training program with Sharon.I would highly recommend K9 Specialist to anyone who wants to get the full enjoyment out of owning a dog.

Jeff Kamer

Hudsonville, MI

Ginger – Kyle Dubay & Bo Shepherd


Ginger's domineer and obedience has been night and day from when we dropped her off.  She listens and respects commands and ignores other dogs and distractions.  We now feel confident that we can continue on with her progress.  We would recommend this program for anyone who feels helpless with their dogs obedience and aggression problems.

-Kyle Dubay & Bo Shepherd, Detroit, MI

Jax – Susan Quertermus


Jax is coming home today! If it weren't for Sharon our wonderful trainer, that might not be the case. We got Jax as a puppy in November and as he grew, so did his aggression toward strangers. We live on a lake with lots of people around and this was unacceptable. Today we are taking home a well behaved, obedient German shepherd who will be able to live a great life thanks to Sharon. She displays such a calmness when training yet remains firm and in control. Her knowledge of dog behavior is vast and we are so lucky to have found her. Thank you so much for making our family whole again.

- Susan Quertermus

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