Recent Testimonials




Sharon and Al have done a remarkable job with Dre.  After 5 weeks he is near perfect on and off leash.  My dog seemed very happy here, at the facility, which was important to me.

Brad Gladstone

Commerce, MI



Prior to K9 Specialist Kona was great with our family of 5 (w/ 3 children), however, she began showing very aggressive and uncontrollable qualities towards neighbors/friends, other dogs and extended family members.  We look forward to applying the skills learned from K9 Specialist and to see how she integrates into our home and responds to the chaotic environment with our kids and “normal life”.

Jason & Tawna Vallance

Spring Lake, MI



I would highly recommend K9 Specialist for Advanced Obedience Training.  Sharon not only established a solid obedience foundation for our dog but she also worked with us extensively to ensure we had the proper training and tools to be able to allow our dog to be the best he can be!

Brad & Jessica Hill




I highly recommend K9 Specialist as a training place.  Sharon was an outstanding person to work with both my dog and me as an owner.  My dog & I learned so much.  Thank you for everything you have done to make us so much better!

Linda A. Guerrieri

Holland, MI



We cannot emphasize enough how happy we are with Sharon & K9 Specialist.  The work they did with DaVinci was astounding.  We would highly recommend their services to anyone.  She was patient with both DaVinci and us and spent time with us so we could continue working with DaVinci to ensure the continued success.  Thank you Sharon.

Craig & April Wright

Davidson, MI


LucyLucky_20160326Lucy & Lucky

Sharon did such a great job with Lucy & Lucky.  Sharon showed me so many techniques to keep the dogs well behaved and I am grateful for all the work she has put into our girls.

Megan & Brian Hallgren

Milford, MI


Tank & Uzi

We are happy and feel confident with Tank and Uzi.  Their time spent with Sharon was well spent.  We also feel very good about getting our training with commands and training collars so we can continue the work at home.

Sherry Diez & Jeremy Campbell

Farmington Hills, MI



I couldn’t have asked for better dog trainers.  I had tried lessons from big box stores to no avail.  I needed my dog, Champ, to be good enough to be my service dog.  I am a Marine Corps veteran, with 2 tours in Iraq, and extreme PTSD.  Having Champ trained well enough to go out with me in public will increase my quality of life.  I am so thankful for K9 Specialist, and what they have done for me.  I am forever in-debted to you.  Thanks!

Ryan Hill

Kalamazoo, MI



I’m happy with the professional training that was done with our dog.  Very happy and excited to work with this new dog.

The Ordunas

Norton Shores, MI



When we got our 6 month old GSD puppy, Barkley, he was a handful: hyper, uncontrollable at times, and wouldn’t listen to us.  After training with Sharon, he is like our dream dog – calm, controllable, and sweet!  We are so glad we made the decision to call Al & Sharon.  Worth every penny!

Jesse & Nancy Martinez

Grandville, MI


Scooby & Blitz
I brought two very happy crazy puppies to K9 Specialist and brought home two very happy extremely  well behaved pups.  The difference is night and day, I couldn’t be happier with the turn out.  Sharon kept in touch the entire time and have updates on how the boys were doing.  I came out to visit twice and you could tell they were happy and very comfortable with Sharon & the kennel.  I have already recommended K9 Specialist to several family members and will continue to send anyone that inquires about my dogs trainings.  Extremely professional service, I would hands down rate 5-stars!
Vanessa Lince

Highland, MI


Audric & Guin
We brought our two Rotties to K9 Specialist since we were desperate to control their dog aggression before we ended up in a situation were we would lose them.  In addition, we wanted more advanced off leash training for camping and outdoor activities.  They handled us and the dogs with great care and professionalism.  We are very happy with the results and look forward to the ongoing support as we learn.  We have already recommended them several times and will always look to them when we need help with our dog and future dogs.
Thank you!
Marilyn & Juan Magallan
Holland, MI

We are very excited to see Bear’s progress in the last 6 weeks.  Sharon was able to work with our stubborn boy and he is now healing while walking and listening to our commands.  Hoping he’ll only continue to improve when we bring him home and continue his training.
Joe & Devin Smitherman
Livonia, MI

We are more than pleased with the training Lakota received here!  Honestly, words cannot even describe the happiness and gratitude we have in our hearts because of the experience we had with the people here.  Sharon is so intelligent and truly loves all dogs, and Al couldn’t have been more helpful with making Lakota the Best dog in the whole world!  We got more than we ever expected!  I recommend this place to EVERYONE!!!  I fricken love this place so much and everyone here, thank you, thank you!!!
Kanaan Vargas &  Danielle Arhangelos
Ann Arbor, MI


Timber & Roxie
We are very happy with the training so far & look forward to continuing Timber’s rehabilitation.  We have noticed significant improvements with both dogs while we walk them and  are excited to walk them without fear of having problems now.  We are very glad we decided to bring our dogs here for training.
Kristin & Zach  Bletz
Grand Rapids, MI


We just finished training with Sharon.  My dog, Jett, is night and day differnet from when we originally started training.  They were also awesome to work with our schedule during the training process.  We are looking forward to further training!
Nate & Emily Versluis

Grand Rapids, MI



Harvey is a different dog.  A new and improved version of himself.  When we dropped him off he didn’t respond to his name, sit, stay and he would run away any chance he had.  He is now sitting and staying, heeling and is a shadow dog.  We can take him for a walk instead of him pull and taking us on a walk.  Thank you, Sharon, for everything you did.

Samantha and Adam Bignell

Great Experience!  I loved seeing the progress each week and would recommend to anyone.
Mike Mohn

My husband and I brought our 3 yr old Zooey to K9 Specialist for Advanced Obedience training after trying three different training through other companies.  I am so impressed with her transformation.  She is still very high energy but I have control of her.  Teaching her German commands helped to combat previous training and was very simple to learn.  I could not be happier with Zooey’s focus and obedience.  At this point, my husband was unable to attend any training.  However, Sharon is going to work with him once his schedule allows.  We are also having Zooey Level 1 Protection trained and are excited to see her transform into the perfect dog for our family.
Caitlyn & Kevin Woods
Grand Rapids, MI

Zeus & Daisy
We enjoyed the experience working with Sharon.  She is very knowledgeable and taught us and our dogs a lot!  We are excited to take our dogs home and enjoy the benefits of the training.

I love this training facility and trainer here.   Before training, my dog Ezekiel would anywhere
but not by my side nor would he come back when I call him.
Now he will follow my command.  And he is great as my service dog.
Xindi Liu

Iowa City, IA

When we picked Kai & Caleb up from K9 Specialist they were very obedient.  The were flag trained, walked well, sat & listened to commands like we have never seen before.  We would recommend K9 Specialist to anyone who is in over thier heads and needs extra help from a great company with people who know what they are doing and truly care about your animal and thier well being.
Nick and Megan

Royal Oak MI

We were unable to make significant progress in our dog’s behavior despite
working with her over a couple of years and I was at my wit’s end.  After
Sharon had worked with her for 5 weeks there was a huge change in Midori’s
behavior.  For the first time we could consistently take her on relaxing,
fun walks instead of getting worked up and frustrated over her behavior.
She is calmer and has more self-control, exactly what we were looking for.
I knew she was in good hands while she was at the kennel and appreciated
the videos of her progress.  I’m grateful for their work every time we go
on a walk.
Rebekah Weicht

Grand Rapids, MI


I am very happy I put Jumba through this training.  It has improved his obedience and I am happy with his outcome as a pit.
Kyle Beaulieu
Troy MI

Willow & Moby
We have two rescue dogs who we thought would never get along well enough to live together.
We are grateful for your expertise with dogs.  Our dogs now are respectful of each other and are very well behaved.  Our family plans to continue  with the training tips we’ve learned here.
We visited often and trained with each of our dogs so that we now feel comfortable and confident to manage them.
Leonardo & Nancy Gomez

Rochester, MI







Tucker_Testm (1)


Maggie_Molly_Libby Maggie_Molly_Testm

Update:  Maggie and Molly got to test their training with all of the
strangers coming in, and out, of our home to see the puppies.  They did very
well, and were good selling tools when we’d show their newfound skills off
to prospective buyers.  After the last puppy found its forever home we
took Libby to Sharon for her training.  After four weeks she’s returned
home.  We’re proud to have all three dogs sitting calmly, side-by-side (as
opposed to barking, howling and jumping) when visitors enter our home.



Sharon is a pleasure to work with.  She answered all questions and provided detailed information to support the training techniques.
Rhona Wenger (Holland, MI)




Hi Sharon, things are going well with Sugar!  Here is my testimonial…….

When I contacted Al my dog, Sugar, was a mess!  She had severe separation anxiety and could not be confined.  She chewed through crates, climbed out of a kennel and chewed up a door.  She also was very hyper, jumped up on everyone and she hassled my cats so much that I feared she would harm them.  Al assessed the situation and recommended I bring Sugar to Sharon to have her work with her for an extended period of time.  Boy, am I glad I did!  Sugar is a new dog!  She no longer has separation anxiety.  Sugar is calm and obedient, walks well off and on a leash and she leaves my cats alone!  Sharon is an excellent trainer.  She was very patient with both me and my dog.   My only regret is that I didn’t call earlier.

This was my second experience with K9 Specialist.  Approximately 7 yrs ago Al helped me with my pit/staff terrier mix.  He trained him in basic obedience and helped me deal with him also hassling my cats.  This too was a fantastic experience.  Seven yrs later my Higgins continues to be a wonderful and well behaved dog!




We are thrilled with the way Black Jack’s behavior has improved. We can enjoy the company of our dog without the behavior problems.  -Phebli Saut, Wixom MI.



Thank you K9 Specialist! We are so appreciative of the training for our Brady. Brady has become much calmer and the training from Sharon for Brady AND us was outstanding. Sharon was patient will all of our questions and was kind when she needed to “remind or redirect” our behaviors. We feel more confident in ourselves about how to continue to work Brady and be the dog our family wants to have. Brady LOVED being at K9 Specialist and clearly loved Sharon as well, which eased us. After our visits, he woul dgo right to the door to go back inside to his temporary home. This proved to us the he liked it and that his training was working. Thank you again!!!!  -Patrick and Amanda Sorelle, Grand Haven, MI.



The improvement in Carrera’s behavior was nothing short of amazing! She used to be a very stubborn, hard to control dog. But after her training I feel completely confident that she will be well behaved and under control from now on.  -Kate Elder, Royal Oak, MI.



Sharon did a wonderful job with our two male goldens. We were at our wits end when our two pups started to have serious fights with each other at 5 months old, we could not have them together in our home. We did not know what to do. We even considered separating them and having to find a new home for one of them. Thanks to Sharon’s expertise and patience our dogs are back in our home getting along and well behaved!!



Winston and Jackson were trained by Sharon. She did a fabulous job working with and training both dogs. They are both now cal and walk well on and off leash. The dogs listen well to our commands. We now feel comfortable taking our dogs to public places and them being well behaved.  -Scott and Kelly Meyer, Otsego, MI.



I am very pleased with Stella’s progress. She is healing for me perfectly off leash. Sharon was great staying in touch with me throughout the process. I am very excited to work with her further at home! Thank you so much K9 Specialist  -Dasha, Novi, MI.



My dog was and is “My Baby”. My dog “My Baby” was also scary aggressive. She had bitten 2 people and next time, she was being put down by “Animal Control”. I dreaded taking her for walks because she was so protective, and aggressive, protecting me. After 2 months of training my life or death situation with “My Baby” was solved. She was a different dog. Her temperament was normal. I am grateful for every second of her training and it was worth every dime. I would pay it again. I am relieved and completely satisfied. Thank you so much! – Shirley Lely and Tamara Quibell


The experience for Maddie & us has been wonderful.  We now have what we feel is a much happier, well-behaved dog and one that will not stray off leash.  We can’t say enough about the training.  You will not be disappointed bringing your furry baby to Sharon, either for boarding or training – both excellent.
-Karen & Ray Panozzo


K9 Specialist did a great job with our Akita, Kuma!  He was stubborn and did not want to listen.  When we brought him to them and he finished his training, he is so calm and obedient.  Thanks a lot! 🙂 We definitely recommend their services!
-Mycalann & Josh



We are very pleased with the behavior of our dog, Henry.  Before he came to K9 Specialist he was jumping and not able to stay, heel, or come on command.  Now he does all these with ease and we are excited to spend time with our Henry.  We can see he enjoys the work too!  Thank you so much.
-Katie & Dave



This is the first time doing business with K-9 Specialist and we are more than satisfied with their services. We have a one-year-old pit bull named Sarge that was trained for obedience and personal protection. We were concerned about his stubborn temperament and whether we would be able to control Sarge. K-9 Specialist came to our house, listened to our concerns, made an initial, thorough assessment and clearly explained to us what Sarge was capable of. The training we received for our dog was beyond our expectations in terms of the time it took to train him, the care that he received while he was in their care and the discipline our dog has as a result of the training.

What we appreciated most about the services we received was the excellent care and attention to Sarge’s training. When we received the video to review the training we could not believe it was the same dog we dropped off. When we came to pick Sarge up, we were thrilled with the results. Sarge was a “new” dog yet still had his adorable personality to go along with the training. Before releasing Sarge to us, we received excellent education in handling Sarge and what we needed to do to keep up with his training. We highly recommend K-9 Specialist to anyone who loves their dog and is looking for high quality training.
-Ron and April Nagy

We found the most wonderful trainers in K9 Specialist in Muskegon.  From the moment my husband and I met Al and his wife at our house we were sold.  Al even told us the type of shephard we had.  We thought we had a german shephard but she is actually a belgium malinios Shephard!Harper was at the facility 7 weeks and we are amazed by the transformation of our dog, Harper.  Sharon is an excellent trainer.  We can see the great bond they have created.  We always had a good pup but her size was too overbearing at 9 months old and we knew we needed help.   Our thanks to Al & Sharon for taking such good care, training and loving our Harper.
We were sent pics of Sharon training and we talked a lot of the time on the phone throughout.  We are estatic to be bringing our baby home with the high level of obedience training she has received.  We can now walk her OFF LEASH and she heels and obeys all command – AMAZING!  We never thought it could happen but with K9 Specialist we are in perfect hands.  Thank you for everything.  God Bless!
-Maureen & Ray Hatch

It was great working with Sharon.  Abby has become a different dog!  Such a calm and enjoyable experience.  You can really tell she knows dogs and enjoys being with them.  We would highly recommend her!
-Dave & Bonnie Shidler

When we first adopted Finn he was very protective of our home.  He would lash  out at any guest making them feel nervous and unwelcome.  We sought out Al’s  help and we brought Finn to the Fruitport location where we worked with Sharon.   The facility was great and it had lots of space to work with Finn and we knew  he was being well cared for.  Sharon was great with not only with Finn but us.   She was patient and explain everything really well and worked with Nate and & I ‘s busy and opposite schedule.  Every week we visited we saw a change in Finn  and how much more obedient he was becoming.  We are truly grateful for the help  Sharon & Al have given us and plan to put everything we learned to good use with  not only Finn but as many dogs as we can.
-Allie & Nate

I am very happy with the training ROSES has received.  I brought in a dog that jumped all over people and expressed enthusiasm to the max.  Now she is still the same happy dog but obeys my commands and has learned to behave.  This is a wonderful experience for Rose and for me.
-Harry Dyck


We brought Taz to K-9 Specialist as we were having several behavioral issues  with him.  He barked all the time, jumped on everyone and everything, had a very  short attention span, if at all, and when our other dog came into the room we  had no control over him.  After 4 weeks with K-9 Specialist Taz has turned into  a very different dog.  He listens even with great distractions.  we are very  confident that when we get him home we will have total control over him even  with our other dog present.  We would recommend Sharon to anyone and [are] very
happy we found them.
-Cliff and Angela Hammer


I came to Al with a very sassy dog.  She could be described as smart but very  stubborn.  Her temperament made it hard for me to introduce her to new  situations and people.  Working with Sharon Wynter has become more manageable  and calmer.  They have also helped me to better analyze the situation and how  to assist her in corrections.  Thanks for all your help Sharon and Al
-Summur Powers & Wynter

We are so pleased with the training.  So confident when we walk them, its great.  Sharon has done a great job of training the dogs and us!  Zoey doesn’t get distracted anymore and she is a good trainer for Charlie.  Money well spent.
-Phil & Kim Nykamp



Sharon and Al helped us train our puppy Saint Bernard three years ago with excellent results. When we adopted Duke, our yellow lab, we knew we needed their help. He is 8 years old. He didn’t know any commands, how to ride in a car, nor walk on the leash, he would lunge and pull. He was also afraid of being alone. After a couple months with Sharon and Al, Duke has learned to follow commands. He willingly jumps in the car and walks on leash without pulling. They have also looked for ways to help us keep Duke stimulated at home to be able to keep him free of fear and anxiety.  It has been amazing to see Duke come out more adjusted after the training.
K9 Specialist training gave Duke a second chance
We highly recommend K9 Specialists!
-Mark and Sara Cooney.

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