Samson – The Markey’s

Samson was a little hyper and disobedient before training. He has come back very calm, listening on the first command, and extremely obedient. He is a […]

Timmy – The Rogalski’s

Timmy is an excited, young puppy full of energy.  Unfortunately, traditional training + obedience classes were not successful for us.  After 6 weeks @  K9 Specialist, […]

Maddie – Tina Scrupsky

Thank you K9 Specialist!  Prior to Maddie’s training she was a crazy dog and did not listen. Now she is so well-behaved and listens to all […]

Gunner & Layla – The Verspoors

We are very happy with the training so far.  We cannot wait to get them back into their home environment. James Voldy & Sandy Verspoor

Sparty – Mary

Sharon & Al have been wonderful through this process.  We came as a last resort and leave hopeful for the future of our 2 dogs co-existing […]

Rev & Zoey

At this time we’re excited to get the dogs home to work on the obedience training they’ve learned with K9 Specialist.

Tara – Kyla Purvis

The change in Tara has been from night to day.  No longer does she lunge at squirrels or other dogs; she stays by my side.  Now […]

Quinn – The Kings

Quinn is so much more well behaved and obedient.  It is awesome and amazing to see her like that!  Thank you so much! Shannon & William […]

Gronk & Thor – Kyle Polasek

We are very pleased with the results of both our dogs Gronk & Thor.  They will now be able to live a well balanced life together. […]

Ruby – The Schoudts

We wanted more than a pet.  We wanted a cohesive and attentive companion we could experience adventures with and that requires a dog to understand not […]

Pheido – Bolluar A. Apoute Rolon

I’ve had a great experience with Sharon and Al.  From the start of the training program they have been very amicable.  They’ve explained very well all […]

Cubby & Patch – Michelle and John Koppin

Cubby and Patch came to K9 Specialist to correct behavioral issues.  Since spending their time here I am amazed at their increased focus and attention to […]
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