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Keep Your Dog Safe During Spring Months!

Spring is finally here and our dogs are outside loving it! Here are a few quick tips to help keep your dog safe during these months. […]

Claiming Space Is Key To Maintaining Appropriate Manners With Your Dog

Most of us dog owners have faced this problem at one point or another, whether it was within our own homes or homes of our friends […]

E-Collars vs. Shock Collars, Which to Use?

E-collars verses Shock Collars, this is definitely a topic thats always up for debate. However, most often, we find that people just do not know what […]

Your Dog and Table Scraps

Were all pretty much guilty at one time or another for feeding our dog human food, aka: table scraps. Although our food may be really tasty […]

K-9 Specialist LLC Comes To You!

For those of you who do not know, K-9 Specialist LLC travels directly to your door. This does not happen in all situations, but just know […]

Breeder or Pet Rescue?

Choosing your next furry companion can be exciting and fun, but where do you start? Well, lets ask and answer a few questions first. Are you […]

Supplements and Your Dog

Everyday we hear the latest and greatest in foods, vitamins and minerals. Us humans have the ability to speak out when we are experiencing uncomfortable feelings […]

Training For All Breeds

Training For All Breeds There is no exception when it comes to training a dog, whether it’s based on what breed or what size. Every dog […]

German Shepherds in the Spotlight 

  Today I would like to boast about the 2nd most popular dog breed in America, the German Shepherd. This breed is known for its loyalty, courage, […]

Dogs Who Eat Our Landscaping

I’m fairly confident we all have had a dog that likes to go around and eat our beautifully landscaped lawns, shrubs, and sometimes flowers. You pride […]

Does Your Dog Have Strange Behaviors?

We hear these fun stories very often!! Most of the calls we receive is for dogs needed obedience training, aggressive behavior modification, and personal protection. However, […]

Latest on Dogs in the News

An elderly man in Washington was recently attacked and bitten multiple times by a pit bull while walking his own dog through a park he enjoys […]
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